Hot Mess Express
Anonymous wondered: Brie bella

Roman, Randy and Dean (brotp)

officialsimongotch wondered: Emma :-)

Dean, Dolph… And I think that’s about it.

Anonymous wondered: roman

Brie.. KAITLYN.. Paige.. Lana .. Bayley(brotp) hmmm… Crap, I can’t remember who else.

Anonymous wondered: Kelly Kelly

I’ve seen her and Dean, or her and Roman.. It doesn’t bother me. So, I guess them?

Anonymous wondered: Nikki Bella

Dean , Seth and sometimes Roman. More likely the first two over anything else. Oh, and Randy .. Punk..

Ok, I think that’s it lol

Anonymous wondered: Dolph ziggler :-)

Summer and Emma

Send me a wrestler and I’ll tell you who I ship with and why. 

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